Yoga workshops with Nagore


Workshop: a journey through the chakras; meditation & yoga nidra - 14 Mar 2020

I want to propose a trip through the 7 chakras, main energy points located along the spine where the energy of our body is concentrated and distributed.

Knowing the 7 chakras will help you expand your vision and knowledge about the practice of yoga. and its philosophy that will help you find your balance.

Next March 14th we will make a short talk about the chakras to understand their location and their functions.

We will begin the practice with pranayama exercises to prepare the body and then we will perform a guided relaxation to activate all the chakras.

Date and time: March 14, 2020, 10:30 a.m.

Location: Cuina Riu Viu. Carrer Barcelona, ​​10. 17230 Palamós


  • 12.00 EUR (advance payment) or 15.00 EUR the same day of the workshop for regular students.
  • 13.99 EUR (advance payment) or 15.00 EUR the same day other participants. 
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