About me

My first yoga class was at 28, but I left horrified . "What kind of a sect is this?" Yes, this has happened to more than one of us!

At 36 I had a tough moment that made my life and mind wobble for a few months. During that time my life was a free fall. Yoga was my parachute.

Some co-workers formed a yoga group and invited me to try a class. I didn´t want to sound unpolite, so I agreed, even remembering my previous experience a few years before.

During what would be my first ashtanga class, in warrior two (vira II) my whole body felt heavy. I could barely stand and breathe even less. My body cried out for "get me out of here" and I could not stop thinking: "what have you gotten yourself into, you knew you don´t like yoga!"

That night and for the first time in a long time I could sleep 7 hours in a row . When I woke up and realized that, I said to myself, "you're going to go back to yoga, dear. Whether you like it or not, this has worked well for you. "

And so it was, I went back. And despite being born with a spinal injury that does not allow me to advance and improve as fast as other people, I have been practicing for five years and my body and mind have changed so much that today I consider myself someone else.

It's never too late! You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga. You need to want to improve your state. Whichever is. The rest comes with time.  If I have succeeded, you can, too!